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Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts.

Using the experience gained from supporting customers across UAE, our team have developed simple annual maintenance contracts to cover essential regular, hardware and software Maintenance Services provided by ELMI IT SOLUTIONS performs preventative maintenance, which extents and protect the life of your retail’s equipment and capital investment. With an impressive team of technical, with vast Variety of branded software and hardware the Essential Maintenance team deliver with the same level of customer service and workmanship that customers have come to expect from the ELMI IT SOLUTIONS team – 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Why to choose ELMI IT SOLUTIONS ?

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Hardware & Software Maintenance 


ELMI IT SOLUTIONS provides service as below:-


  1. Professional Engineers
  2. 24/7/365 days availability 
  3. One point of Contact
  4. Industry-leading response times
  5. Customized reports
  6. Warranty maintenance 
  7. Reduce downtime
  8. Protect capital Assets
  9. Increasing productivity 
  10. Ensure continues and optimum performance
  11. Lower Maintenance costs  
Elmi IT Solutions ELNI-1-Copy-Copy-min Maintenance Contracts

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