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Telephone PABX Solutions

Telephone PABX Solutions.



We ELMI IT SOLUTIONS provides complete Telephone PABX Solutions for your Business & Home according to requirements.


We offers PBX solutions for small or medium enterprises and large multinationals. We provide a cloud-based system and phone handsets with features that suit the needs of every business. Our main objective is to give all our clients all that they require to optimize their business communication. When you choose a PABX System, you will immediately improve the communication between you and your staff.


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Types of PBX systems


  • PBX
  • IP PBX
  • Hosted or virtual PBX
  • Hosted or Virtual IP PBX


In the past, PBX systems were powered by analog technology. However, with the advancing technology and innovations in the telecommunication industry, PBX systems now utilize digital technology. Our PBX products and installation strategies will allow your business to grow with the technology.  Cutting-edge PBX systems utilize software that matches with your ever-changing needs, unlike analog systems that were constrained by hardware capabilities. 



  1. Professional installation
  2. PABX System Including Handsets and Installation
  3. PABX Maintenance
  4. Call Monitoring Software Installation
  5. Call Recording System and play back
  6. Leading technology with all the latest features
  7. 99.9% Service Level agreement for complete confidence in our PABX solutions
  8. 24/7/ 365 days Technical Support 
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Elmi IT Solutions ELNI-1-Copy-Copy-min Telephone PABX Solutions

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